wedding here, wedding there.

please, not another… haha. jk. i love weddings, not because of the food, but because it restores your faith in people, haha i’m talking like an old movie protagonist who had some terrible life experiences and narrating at the first scene of the movie after the title was shown. seriously, it’s really beautiful how two individual who have their own lives decided that they can’t live without each other so they decided to tie the knot or whatever it is that you have to tie. LOL!


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UNIQLO’s casual shirt is… as the saying goes you reap what you sow.

I was really disappointed, that’s it, that’s the whole point of this blog. Don’t get me wrong, UNIQLO got some good items but the cheap or less expensive shirts they have is really a disappointment. I have this white buttondown shirt that I had for years now and so I’ve decided to get a new white button down shirt, I was aiming for the oxford but since I’m kinda broke, I settled for the “broadcloth” casual shirt they had, to be honest, I wasn’t able to tell the difference between the other less expensive shirt they had, although I can distinguished the oxford shirt they still has this broadcloth shirt in different prices. They have prices ranging from 990 Php to 590 Php, they also have this 1490 Php broadcloth shirt which for someone who is broke will have to think twice in buying a shirt costing that much. So long story short, I ended up buying this white buttondown collar long sleeve casual shirt for 590 Php. It fit well as it is slim fit. It got wrinkly easily as it is cotton but for a casual affair, it’s not a problem. It also has this dress shirt length for a shirt because it’s really long and not tucking it in will make you look unkept.


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how I ended up creating a blog!


I am currently unemployed and had a year to contemplate on what to really do with my life. Now, I am looking a job… (took me a year to look for a job again) anyhoo, I have been applying over the internet. Updating my profile at, sending my resumes to companies, rescheduling appointments and attending interviews (if they call me up of course).

So, while searching and googling wherever I can find a job over the internet I came up with this website: where you can work at home. So how it works is basically like any other “work at home”, employer from US or Australia or other countries that needs outsourcing will of course hire you first and after finishing whatever work it is that you did pay you over Paypal or I think Paymaya works for us here in the Philippines. The good thing with this website is that it’s free; you don’t have to register to their website and pay a fee just so you could create a profile and get a job eventually or if you get lucky. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s exclusive for Filipino job seeker. Continue reading