wedding here, wedding there.

please, not another… haha. jk. i love weddings, not because of the food, but because it restores your faith in people, haha i’m talking like an old movie protagonist who had some terrible life experiences and narrating at the first scene of the movie after the title was shown. seriously, it’s really beautiful how two individual who have their own lives decided that they can’t live without each other so they decided to tie the knot or whatever it is that you have to tie. LOL!


i don’t know how they end up realising that but i kinda envy them, because first, i can barely put up with my own life decision so why would i want someone messing it for me? right? just this 2017, i’ve witness two weddings, each for january and february and tomorrow, i’ll be attending another wedding… i know it would be wonderful and sacred and confusing at the same time. i wish them good luck for the rest of their married life as goes with my other friends who had their wedding last jan. and feb. not to mention but obviously i’m mentioning it now, that on april another of my friends is… you guess it right, getting married too.


maybe it’s the age, i am 28 now and they are roughly the same age as i am, and as you know, girls… haha. i’m not referring to those expiring eggs because that would be offensive for some but what i’m saying is that most of them wanted to have a family by the time they reach 30. so i suppose everything has a timetable for girls. jeez… haha maybe this is the reason why i still don’t have a girlfriend or maybe because i hardly know what to do with my life. haha. no goals equals no love life.. hahaha (laughing sarcastically). this blog started as being sarcastic and ending with a sarcastic tone so basically consistent. ahaha.

anyhoo, looking forward to the wedding tomorrow…

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