how I ended up creating a blog!

I am currently unemployed and had a year to contemplate on what to really do with my life. Now, I am looking a job… (took me a year to look for a job again) anyhoo, I have been applying over the internet. Updating my profile at, sending my resumes to companies, rescheduling appointments and attending interviews (if they call me up of course).

So, while searching and googling wherever I can find a job over the internet I came up with this website: where you can work at home. So how it works is basically like any other “work at home”, employer from US or Australia or other countries that needs outsourcing will of course hire you first and after finishing whatever work it is that you did pay you over Paypal or I think Paymaya works for us here in the Philippines. The good thing with this website is that it’s free; you don’t have to register to their website and pay a fee just so you could create a profile and get a job eventually or if you get lucky. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s exclusive for Filipino job seeker.

We are getting to the point of my first ever blog, so, I’ve been sending my application over this website too along with my jobstreet application. I’ve encounter some managerial position that involves talking to your subordinates via skype. Jobs that require you to create an article for them, some jobs will make you do an inventory for them and some really easy jobs you can do over the internet along with really “for experience only” jobs. The website has different categories and what got my interest because I applied for clerical jobs only was the job where they hire you to be an admin for their wordpress business blog. Since I haven’t got any experience in wordpress and to me it would be an easy job, the only thing that I need to learn is how to work using wordpress and alas, I’m  posting my first ever blog on wordpress and making the first step to being a pro, haha.

I’m really excited with this blogging thing. I’ve got facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube account and now I just added my blog at wordpress. Hoping for a wonderful, insightful, exciting and lastly income generating blogging experience for me (I will eventually apply for that admin thingy… haha!).

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